Port Macdonnell Dairying Pty Ltd

700 Cows | Mechanical Separation

Effluent from the dairy shed and yard gravitates in to a trafficable sand trap. Sand and stones fall out af solution in the trap, whilst liquid effluent and suspended manure gravitates in to a circular collection sump. The circular collection sump has a 90kL capacity. When effluent in the sump reaches a pre-determined level the float switch initiates the agitator, then the sludge pump. The sludge pump transfers mixed-raw effluent from the circular sump to the Press Screw Separator (PSS). Liquid effluent is stored in an open concrete tank (180 kL) and recycled for yard flood washing.

This equates to an annual freshwater saving of approximately 39,420 kL (33 0 ML). Surplus liquid effluent is
irrigated via a WiIliams travelling irrigator and centre pivot.

Application areas include:

  • 15 ha of dry land during winter months, and
  • 10 ha of irrigated land during summer months

Nutrients captured annually:

  • 1,526 kg/yr of Nitrogen
  • 288 kg/yr of Phospharaus
  • 1,070 kg/yr of Potassium
  • slide