Kurleigh Dairy

550 Cows | Mechanical Separation

Effluent from the dairy shed and yard gravitates in to a rectangular sump. When effluent in the sump reaches a pre-determined level the float switch initiates the agitator, then the sludge pump. The sludge pump transfers mixed-raw effluent from the end of yard sump to the Screw Press Separator (SPS). The SPS is elevated on a platform.

Separated liquid effluent gravitates into an open storage tank, whilst solids fall below the SPS. Solids are removed and spread using a belt spreader every 2 - 3 months. Liquid effluent is stored in an open tank and recycled for hydrant yard washing.

This equates to an annual freshwater saving of approximately 14, 600 kL (14 6 ML) Surplus liquid effluent is
irrigated via a WiIliams travelling irrigator.

Application areas include:

  • 30 ha of dry land during winter months, and
  • 10 ha of irrigated land during summer months

Nutrients captured annually:

  • 3,747 kg/yr af Nitrogen
  • 707 kg/yr of Phospharaus
  • 2,626 kg/yr af Potassium
  • slide